Cyclone Mooring Pennants

Starting in 2013 all new mooring pennants will come standard with Suncor Stainless Steel Thimbles.

The Cyclone Mooring Pennant is a two part pennant made from New England Ropes STS-12 line (formerly Endura-12) coupled to a standard nylon double braid lower. STS-12 is made from Dyneema fibers which are incredibly strong and abrasion resistant.

Advantages over a standard Nylon Double Braid Pennant

  • Higher tensile strength of STS-12 means smaller diameter lines can be used
  • Ultra-low elongation of STS-12 helps prevent heat related failures and chaffing near chocks and cleats.
  • STS-12 line floats making it easier to pick up from a boat.
  • Top and bottom sections come apart allowing for a damaged section to be replaced without scraping the entire pennant.


STS-12 top sections are available in 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4” diameters.

Stock lengths for 1/2” line are 4 or 6 feet.
Recommended to be coupled with a 6 foot 5/8” or 3/4” Nylon lower.

Stock lengths for 5/8” line are 5 or 7 feet.
Recommended to be coupled with a 7 foot 3/4” or 1” Nylon lower.

Stock lengths for 3/4” line are 6 or 8 feet.
Recommended to be coupled with a 9 foot 1” Nylon lower.


All top sections include appropriately sized nylon chafe sleeve.
Custom configurations are available.

Please e-mail or call us to discuss your needs.